To ensure a peaceful visit to the Highline Galleria, visitors are kindly requested to read the regulations for access to the Highline Galleria. In the Highline Galleria it’s forbidden to smoke and to introduce any kind of food and beverage.

For further information please contact the Highline Galleria Office by e-mail at or by phone at 02 45397656. Every day from 9.00am to 22.30pm.

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This Contract is published on the website and posted at the entrance. The purchase and/or use of the Ticket imply the Purchaser and/or Holder's unconditional acceptance of this Contract for all legal purposes.

1. Subject

These general contractual conditions (hereinafter, for brevity's sake, the "Contract"), govern the purchase and the use of the Tickets for the Highline Galleria, as well as the rules of conduct that shall be complied with when visiting the aforementioned locations.

2. Definitions

The following definitions apply to this document, it being understood that definitions in the plural shall also apply to the relevant singular term and vice-versa:

  • Ticket Purchaser: the person who purchases the Ticket directly from the Highline Galleria or an Authorised Reseller.
  • Ticketing Office: office responsible for selling entry tickets to access the Highline Galleria.
  • Ticket: valid document whose production enables the Ticket/Purchaser to access the Highline Galleria. It is the only Contract between the Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl and the Ticket Purchaser or Holder.
  • Highline Galleria: all Places of Interest that can be visited.
  • Contract: this document, which, together with the provisions published on the website and posted on the Highline Galleria, establishes the rules that govern the access to and the use of the Highline Galleria.
  • Place of Interest: Highline Galleria.
  • Ticket Holder: the Ticket Purchaser and/or whoever presents the Ticket to access the Highline Galleria and exercises any right under this Contract.
  • Group: for Group access, group numbers can range from a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 50 individuals, excluding the group or tourist guide.
  • Public: individuals and groups who purchase Tickets for personal use.
  • Authorised Reseller: subject appointed by the Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl pursuant to the Ticket Resale Contract and who, therefore, is authorised to sell the Tickets to the public. The Authorised Reseller appointed by the Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl is TicketOne S.p.A. - Registered Office: Via Vittor Pisani, 19 - 20124 Milan - Share Capital € 4,998,701.59 VAT no. 12471480157 Registered in the Milan Companies' Register with no.: 1558633 - Telephone +3902392261 Fax +39023922670.
  • Website: the official website.

3. Tickets

3.1 To access and visit the Highline Galleria it is necessary to hold a valid Ticket. Only tickets purchased through the website, one of the authorised ticket offices or the Authorised Reseller or other subjects duly authorised to sell the tickets by the Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl shall be deemed valid. The opening hours of authorised ticket offices are the following:

TICKET OFFICE ( Via Silvio Pellico 2, 20121 Milano, 4° Piano ) Every day from 9 am to 10.30 pm.

If the ticket was either purchased from unauthorised Third Parties or stolen, forged, illegible (for reasons that are not the Seven Stars Galleria Srl's responsibility) copied or obtained in breach of this Contract, the Ticket Holder:

  • Should he/she be at the entrance, may not access the Highline Galleria.
  • Should he/she already be inside the Highline Galleria, shall be escorted to the exit.

3.2 With respect to the above, a Ticket may not be sold on for commercial gain, exchanged with another Ticket or delivered for commercial, advertising or promotional aims (such as, for instance, contest prizes, etc.) without obtaining the Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl's prior written consent.

3.3 The Ticket Holder may access the website, contact the Highline Galleria Office at the 4° floor ( Via Silvio Pellico, 2, 20121, Milano, tel. 0245397656, e-mail: ) to find out about opening hours and possible date and time changes or any other elements regarding the opening of the Highline Galleria.

4. Ticket price and collection methods

4.1 The Ticket price is the price shown on the Ticket itself, inclusive of fees due to the Authorised Reseller (if any). All prices are VAT-included.

4.2 In order to issue free Tickets and concession Tickets, staff will check that the relevant requisites are met by checking the requester's ID.

4.3 Depending on the purchase channel used, the Ticket may be issued in the following formats:

a) Paper format, if purchased at a Ticket Office;

b) Electronic format (downloadable e-mail voucher), if purchased on the Internet channel of the Authorised Reseller and/or on the website, with possibility of advance purchase of the Tickets.

4.4 Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl and the Authorised Reseller shall issue specific instructions about each distribution channel on their respective websites. Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl may not be held liable for tickets purchased from other subjects.

5. Cancellation, returns and refunds

5.1 Tickets already issued are valid until the 10.30 pm of the issuing date.

5.2 Tickets are non-refundable.

5.3 Events such as adverse weather conditions, security and public order reasons or other organisational or technical factors that are not attributable to the Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl may force the latter to change opening hours, access methods (including ascent and descent), visit duration or any events planned at the Highline Galleria. Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl may not be held liable for any of the aforementioned occurrences.

6. Payment methods

6.1 Tickets may be purchased at Ticket Office using cash, cash card or credit card (not all cards could be accepted).

6.2 Other payment methods will have to be specifically agreed with the Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl by submitting an e-mail request to the address:

7. Code of conduct

7.1 The Ticket Holder must comply with the code of conduct posted at the entrance of the Highline Galleria, which is also published on the website. Furthermore, he/she must comply with the guidelines that the Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl or Public Security Authorities shall deem necessary to implement from time to time for technical and/or organisational reasons.

7.2 Visitors are not allowed to stay in the Highline Galleria for a period of time longer than the one indicated on the website or by site staff.

7.3 In order to access the Highline Galleria, the ticket holder will have to be dressed appropriately.

7.4 There are no luggage/bag storage rooms or lockers.

7.5 To access the Highline Galleria, all groups must book a day and time slot in advance by sending an e-mail to

7.6 Bookings may be subject to cancellation due to the celebration of services or other extraordinary and organisational reasons of the Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl. Any such change shall be notified as soon as feasible by service personnel via e-mail or using the contacts methods notified at the time of booking.

7.7 The booking may be changed or cancelled by contacting the Group Office via e-mail at the address:

7.8 For their owns safety, Ticket Holders are invited to exercise due care inside the Highline Galleria and comply with notices as well as the Code of Conduct shown at the entrance. Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl many not be held liable for the consequences of careless or negligent behaviour on the part of the Ticket Holder.

7.9 In order to access and visit the Highline Galleria, the Ticket Holder must comply with the following provisions:

  • Accepting this Contract and complying with it.
  • Not disturbing the peace and/or safety of other visitors.

7.10 In the Highline Galleria it is not allowed to introduce, inter alia:

  • Guns, fire arms, explosive devices, explosive material, fireworks, smoke candles, torches, toy weapons, reproduction and imitation weapons that could be mistaken for real ones, compressed-air or carbon dioxide weapons such as guns, pellet weapons, carabines and ball guns, flare guns and starter guns, bows, crossbows and arrows, harpoon throwers and spear guns, slings and catapults; neutralising devices such as stun rifles, taser guns and electric-shock batons, devices for stunning and killing animals; chemical, gas and spray substances capable of debilitating of paralysing effects, such as pepper spray, tear gas, acids and animal repellents; cutting devices such as axes, swords, sabres, hatchets and cleavers, ice axes and ice picks, razor blades, Stanley knives, knives, scissors, pencil sharpeners; objects with a sharp end such as compasses, martial arts equipment with a sharp point or a sharp edge; helmets of any type, even if hand-held, adjustable photo sticks, laser pointers, balloons, musical instruments (drums, trumpets, musical instruments of any kind) loudspeakers and other PA system or amplifiers, narcotics, poisons, noxious substances, flammable material, paint or other staining material, food and drink of any kind.
  • Animals, including small ones.
  • Banners, signs, horizontal banners, flags, documents, drawings, printed or written material, signs and symbols containing propaganda for political, ideological or religious doctrines.

7.11 In the Highline Galleria the following is absolutely forbidden:

  • Any behaviour that may cause a hazard and/or jeopardise the safety of the Ticket Holder or others.
  • Introduce any kind of food and beverage.
  • Any behaviours that constitutes a breach of public order and/or decency according to the judgement of Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl, including, for instance: smoking, gambling, collecting money in an unauthorised way, carrying out promotional activities both as an individual and as a group, organising political, sports or recreational activities, sunbathing, wearing masks.
  • Sale of goods by unauthorised subjects or in unauthorised places, unauthorised sale of Tickets.
  • Unauthorised transmission and/or recording of data, for commercial purposes, using cellular telephones or other devices (video cameras, cameras, recorders, etc.).
  • Access of unauthorised reporters and journalists with recording devices, video cameras and/or cameras.
  • Attempts to access reserved areas.
  • Request for money or other goods without authorisation (for instance: beggars, musicians or singers at the entrance of or inside the Highline Galleria).
  • Touching and damaging the catwalks and archaeological structures. You are reminded that the Law sets out penalties for damages to works of art

8. Access to the Highline Galleria

8.1 For safety reasons, it is not advisable to access the Highline Galleria with heeled shoes and/or shoes that may hamper walking, since there are very narrow, steep sections and perforated catwalks.

8.2 It is also severely prohibited to access the Highline Galleria with bare feet.

8.3 Visitors are reminded that children younger than 12 years of age, must be accompanied by an adult (a person of at least 18 years of age), who must hold their hand during the visit to the Highline Galleria.

8.4 Accessing the Highline Galleria with prams and pushchairs is not allowed. The path is difficult because there are steep connection staircases and very narrow passages.

8.5 In case of severe disabilities, visitors can reach the Highline Galleria only if accompanied. The Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl will not be liable if this condition is not respected.

9. Group access

9.1 The regulation of accesses to the Highline Galleria is aimed at improving the way in which faithful and visitors alike enjoy the Highline Galleria.

9.2 At the Highline Galleria, every 30 minutes can access a maximum 50 visitors excluding the tour guide.

10. Fees

10.1 Individuals

Full price € 12,00; Reductions € 10,00

Reductions: children from 6 to 17 years, over 65, disable visitors* with assistant, members of all national armed forces.

Family ticket: 2 adults + at least 1 child from 6 to 17 years: € 9.00 per person.

Free admissions: 1 or 2 children up to 6 years of age accompanied with 1 or 2 paying adults; assistants of disable visitors*.

10.2 Groups – Starting from 15th visitors

Full price € 9.00

Free admissions: assistants of disable visitors*, tour guides with groups ( 1 free every 15 paying visitors ).

The groups can be booked only by e-mail to; they must indicate the number of guests, date, and arrival time.

10.3 Schools – Starting from 10 students

Reduced price: € 6.00

To qualify for the reduction, a written list of the students must be presented at the ticket office on the headed paper of the school.

Free admissions: teachers with school groups; assistants of disable visitors*.

The school groups can be booked only by e-mail to; they must indicate the number of students, teachers, date, and arrival time.

11. Films, photos and recordings

11.1 The Ticket Holder gives his/her authorisation to being photographed, filmed or recorded by the Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl or third parties authorised by the latter. Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl or Third Parties authorised by it are authorised to broadcast, publish, license and use photographs, images, films and recordings of the Highline Galleria that show the Ticket Holder without he/she being entitled to any payment.

11.2 Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl, Third Parties authorised by it and whomever purchases from them the rights to use the aforementioned material shall not he held liable towards the Ticket Holder for any use of the aforementioned material in line with applicable Laws.

11.3 Images, videos and sound recordings of the Highline Galleria taken by the Ticket Holder with a camera, video camera, mobile phone, tablet, smart phone or audio device cannot be used for purposes other than domestic and private ones. Therefore, the Ticket Holder may not sell, lease, broadcast, publish or exploit this material for commercial purposes without prior authorisation by the Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl.

11.4 To take audios, videos and photos in the Highline Galleria for commercial, promotional, educational or study purposes it is necessary to submit a relevant request form to the Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl at

11.5 Except in the case of specific agreements with the Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl, the following is prohibited:

  • The presence of extras, spokespeople, actors.
  • Interviewing public figures.
  • Making recordings of weddings, baptisms and other events.

11.6 To request the authorisation to use images that have already been taken, please write to

11.7 Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl reserves the right to assert its rights against any breach of this Contract, by levying fines where appropriate.

12. Protection of personal data

12.1 Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl, as Data Controller, handles the personal data provided by the Ticket Purchaser, the Ticket Holder and those who interact with the web services provided by Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl, which can be accessed electronically from the, in a strictly confidential manner.

12.2 The Privacy Policy only applies to this website and not to any other websites that the user may browse using a link on this website. By visiting the website, the visitor implicitly accepts the practices described in the Privacy Policy.

12.3 Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl does not process personal data of minors without their parents' consent.

12.4 Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl reserves the right to block access to its Services to any User who has hidden the fact that he/she is under age or who has provided his/her personal data without his/her parents consent even if he/she is below 18 years of age.

13. General arrangements

13.1 This Contract and the website provisions constitute a single contract between the parties.

13.2 This Contract shall be governed by Italian law and interpreted according to such law.

13.3 Any controversies arising from or linked to this Contract shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.

13.4 The purchase and/or use of the Ticket imply and requires prior acceptance of this Contract, without reservations or exceptions.



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